Limited companies can be tax efficient vehicles for many small businesses.

Company Formations

In the modern world, there have been many changes and the rules have made it tax efficient for even the smallest of businesses to operate as limited companies. The growth of company formations has given rise to a staggering increase in the number of companies registered at Companies House.

Do you need a company? If you are looking to project an image of a business that is growing and successful, then the answer is probably yes. People still believe that to be a limited company you need to be of a certain size. This is no longer true and for any business that has profits of over £20,000 pa there is could be a tax advantage to using a corporate structure.

Our company formations service includes forming a new company with your own nominated Directors, Registered Office, Share Types and shareholders. The company is formed for you, so there is no need for previous office holders to resign or for you complete forms to be appointed.

Company formations are only part of getting a new company up and running. To complete the process, you will need to be registered for Corporation Tax, together with VAT and PAYE. We can assist you with all of these, as well as, setting you up with a cloud based accounting software.

Other services include:

  • Off the shelf companies
  • Acting as Company Secretary for your company
  • Registered Office

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