Focusing on your goals

Focusing on your goalsFocusing on your goals?

Are you focusing on your goals? If you sit down at the end of today and review the actions and decisions that you have made during the day, would you say that they have taken you towards or away from your goals?

You might find that this is a difficult question to answer, if like most people you don’t really have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve either in your business or personal life. And without a clear view of your goals, it is difficult to decide what is a good or bad choice.

You may have started off on life’s journey with targets and goals, but it is easy to be blown off course by unexpected events and opportunities. The dreams and aspiration of your younger self are unlikely to be the same as your current self. It is vital to re-appraise these goals, tick off the ones that you been achieved and recalibrate what you can accomplish. I have realised that my call up for England is not going to happen.

Unless you remind yourself regularly of the destination you have chosen or revise the targets, it is easy to start wandering or even rushing down the wrong path. One of the most powerful questions that we ask is, why?

One of the key and potentially most valuable elements of our BusinessGrowth Programme is the Vision module. We take the time to get business owners to sit down and discuss their dreams and aspirations, from both a business and personal perspective. They often discover that their day to day actions and decisions are not really aligned to these goals. And of course everyone vital to your progress needs to be onboard!

If you want to spend more time with your family or on a hobby, then working 90 hours per week is probably not the best way to achieve your goals.

Research points to people being significantly better at achieving targets that they share with others and improve even further when the goals are written down. So write out the list and give it to others, then they can ask you how you are getting on with the list.

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