How could the latest social media platform work for businesses?

Threads is the new social media channel created by Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook) which was launched in July this year. Threads went live on both the Apple and Android app stores in 100 countries and signed up more than 100 million users in its first week.

Our first impression is that its a quick and casual way to share content and get your name out there, with potentially a good platform for engagement with your customers.Since there aren’t any paid ads on the platform, any reviews or reposts about your business will feel very genuine.

Threads is linked with Instagram (which is also owned by Meta Platforms) and was developed by the same team and is generally seen as an alternative to Twitter.

Threads has launched at a time when Twitter has been going through a rough patch due to various changes being made since it was taken over by its new owners.

Advantages of threads

  1. We can execute multiple tasks of an application at a time
  2. The complexity of a big applications is reduced.
  3. Drastically helps with improving the performance of an application.
  4. Utilises the max resources of multiprocessor systems
  5. Better user interface in case of GUI based applications
  6. Development time of an application is reduced.
  7. All the threads are independent.

Disadvantages of threads

  1. Thread synchronisation is an extra over head to the developers
  2. Shares the common data across the threads might cause the data inconsistency or thread sync issues
  3. Threads blocking for resources is common problem.
  4. Difficult in managing the code in terms of debugging or writing the code.

As a new social media platform, Threads presents a potential opportunity for businesses who rely on social media to market their products and services. Thanks to all the hype since Threads launched, businesses can position themselves as forward thinking by having a presence on the latest social media platform.

The integration with Instagram means that businesses who are active on that platform can double up their efforts by using Threads as well. The Threads platform has enjoyed significant success since it launched, however it is still early days and businesses are really only experimenting with it at this stage.

So if you think Threads will be good for your business,and you are keen to give it a go, then sign up. Users need to have an Instagram account,once set up on Instagram, you can log into Threads and begin to make posts of up to 500 characters. The concept of Threads is similar to Twitter, although Twitter only allows users to post up to 240 characters. Both platforms allow users to post videos, website links and images, as well as ‘like’ and follow other users’ pages.

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